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Acupuncture has touched my life in a miraculous way. My husband and I always knew we wanted children and never thought we would have problems conceiving. After a year of trying on our own to get pregnant, we went to an infertility clinic. We found out I had endometriosis and went through another 1 ½ years of medical intervention, including two failed cycles of invitro-fertilization. Two months before my final IVF treatment, my former supervisor, who has Lupus, suggested I see Tracy because she had helped her with her disease. After witnessing my supervisor's health improvement, I immediately made an appointment. During my initial visit, Tracy informed me of many things I was doing in my everyday life to harm my body. She helped me change my diet and improve my overall health and well-being. Needless to say after two months of acupuncture treatments, I became pregnant. My little miracle is 2 ½ years old now and I will always be extremely grateful to Tracy.
BAL, Cary, North Carolina

My husband and I tried for 3 years to conceive naturally, to no avail. The summer I turned 39, I made a decision that I needed to intervene somehow if I was going to successfully become pregnant. Athough I wasn't diagnosed with any specific medical condition that would prevent conception, other than my age, my medical doctor suggested a few cycles of Clomid. After a few emotional and failed attempts with Clomid, I contacted Tracy. I was very concerned about the negative effects Clomid was having on my body and cycle. During our first session, Tracy assured my that she was more than willing to work with the medical professionals in combination with her acupuncture treatment if I chose to continue down that road. I worked with Tracy once a week for 5 months, and some months were combined with Clomid treatment. After a miscarriage that was combined with a Clomid cycle, I made a decision to focus solely on acupuncture. The very next cycle in which I was Clomid free, I conceived. I continued seeing Tracy throughout my entire pregnancy to help with implantation, sustainment, and overall hormonal balance. Those 9 months were basically symptom free, and my doctors often commented on how impressed they were with my overall health during my pregnancy. I believe acupuncture in general and Tracy Sturdivant specifically were the primary reasons I was able to spontaneously conceive without medical intervention any why my months of pregnancy were so wonderful. I recommend this practice and Tracy to anyone who has struggled to conceive or simply wants to improve their health and experience with pregnancy, labor and post-partum life.
Colleen, Raleigh NC
August 2008

I was referred to Tracy by another health care professional for insomnia, anxiety and diet issues. My first visit to Tracy was amazing. Her new patient questionnaire asked me questions about everything in my life pertaining to my health and well being. I have never seen such a through evaluation by a health care professional. Tracy spent the first 30-40 minutes talking to me and going over every question of the questionnaire. She wanted to have a complete understanding of where I was health wise before any treatments. I was very impressed.  I have now completed several weeks of acupuncture treatments and I am now sleeping and feeling calm and centered. Not only have the treatments helped my obvious symptoms, they have helped me become more focused on a higher spiritual level. During these treatments I have been able to relax, meditate and focus on what is really important in my life. It has helped me to move forward in a positive direction.
Felicia Grant

Tracy Sturdivant M.Ac., L.Ac.

located at Long Life Wellness Center
543 Keisler Dr, Suite 102
Cary NC 27518